In the Motion class, Children work on fine motor skills. They learn timing, rhythm, right and left, following directions and to work well with others. Every movement learned in this class has a dance purpose and helps them to advance to the Combo class when they are 4.


The Combo Class is a combination of ballet, tap, and jazz designed to teach basic technique and give young dancers a taste of different dancing styles.

Advanced Combo

This is a more challenging option of the combo class.
Most of these students have been in Combo and need harder technique. Students will learn tap, ballet and jazz that will help them as they prepare to enter the Junior Level dance classes.


Teaching methods for these ballet classes include Cecchetti, Vaganova, French and English methods. Students taking these classes should be ready to learn terminology (translations and spelling), positions and movements (how to execute them and teach them), improve in their ballet abilities, and add performance to their dancing.


Jazz dance is a style of dance that is matched to rhythms and techniques of jazz music. Both traditional, modern and Broadway teaching styles may be used in your jazz class.


​Tap is a style in which the rhythm is tapped out with different parts of the foot. In this class dancers may learn Broadway and traditional styles of tap along with some rhythm or stomp.


This style of dance is similar to tap but the rhythm is different with the accent on the downbeat. It gets its origin in Celtic roots. This class will include Appalachian, Texas and Canadian Step Dance styles of clogging. Clogging is traditionally performed to country or bluegrass music however it can also be performed to more of today's popular music.

Hip Hop Style

This dance style derives from street dancing. It is primarily performed to hip hop music. In this class students will learn hip-hop dance steps and moves without the inappropriate movement that is sometimes associated with hip-hop.


​Contemporary class is very stylized. To excel in this class, it helps to have a decent ballet background. Students taking this class should be ready to learn terminology (translations and spelling), positions and movements (how to execute them and teach them), improve in their abilities, and add performance to their dancing.

Lyrical (Interpretation)

​This dance class includes a less traditional lyrical style. In this class students will explore movement that expresses the music and lyrics of songs they are dancing to along with some opportunity for exploring dances from other genres or cultures.


This style of dance is a more advanced form of ballet with specific shoes that allow for dancing on the tips of the toes. Dancers in this class must be approved by Miss Catherine and must be enrolled, simultaneously, in Int/Adv Tn/Adult ballet class.


Competition teams are chosen by audition only. Dancers auditioning must be enrolled in Jr/Teen level or higher of the style in which they are auditioning.

Auditions will be held late September-October of the dance season. Competition dancers must expect to travel for competitions, February through July. Dancers will be expected to be available for any other performance opportunities that arise for the full year. Fees are separate from regular class fees. Additional competition registration fees, travel, and costume fees should be expected.
Feel free to call the studio 970-249-5332 with any questions.

​Company Class

An intense concentration on technique, encompassing different styles of dance throughout the season.
*Must be enrolled in at least 2 genres of dance classes at A Time To Dance.
Classes held approx. every other week on Saturdays.
Flexible times and dates.


We offer adult only workshops, throughout the year, that let you explore different styles of dance in a fun filled atmosphere. Call the studio 970-249-5332 to get on our call list to be notified of upcoming workshops.

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