Levels Explained: Recommended Order and Pre Req's

1. Motion

Motion is designed for children 2-3 years old.
In this class, we focus on learning basics such as: right & left, following directions, teamwork, timing & rhythm, coordination and song & dance.

2. Combo & Adv. Combo

Combo is a class that introduces the basics of ballet, tap, and jazz. This class is for students ages 4-6.

** Advanced Combo (ages 6-8) Once students have taken the regular Combo class or are older, they can be approved to enter Adv. Combo to learn harder technique in ballet, tap, jazz, and will include an introduction to hip hop and clogging.

3. Junior

Junior Level Classes are designed for children ages 8-11. (age 7, if approved by Miss Catherine)
The Advanced Combo class is highly suggested prior to moving into Junior level classes so the student is prepared for the technique taught in the junior level.

4. Junior / Teen

Junior/ Teen Classes are offered to students 9-13 years of age.
For some classes, to advance to this level, the dancer must have taken 2 years of that style of dance in Junior level or be approved by Miss Catherine.

5. Teen / Adult

Teen/Adult Classes are offered to students 12-Adult

6. Adult

Adult classes are offered to Mature 16+

Difficulty Labels Explained:

Open Level

Open level classes are appropriate for students who are in their first or second year in that style of dance.

Beginner / Intermediate

Beginner/Intermediate Classes are labeled with Beg/Int.

​This is Beginner level through 2-3 years experience in that style.

Intermediate / Advanced

Intermediate/Advanced Classes are labeled with Int/Adv.

​You must have 2 + years experience​and be approved by Miss Catherine to be eligible to take the Int/Adv option of that dance style.

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